Wyn Tarlson

Human, Doctor



  • Scars and Tattoos: A Red Cross with 6 distinctive Black Wings behind it tattooed on his left shoulder. Scars on his upper and lower arms like lash marks as well as on his back where he blocked blows. There are a few on his chest and on his legs. He has 20 chevrons tattooed on his left upper arm and 8 on his right indicating his 28 wins in the fighter ring while a slave in the RavinsBlud Syndicate. Some are hard to distinguish because of the scarring. There is a large black medic symbol on his left chest that prohibited his death in the fighting ring because he was a medic that fixed up all the other fighters. There is a black teardrop tattoo under his eye put there by RavinsBlud displaying he killed an opponent in combat, a fluke where Wyn accidentally struck too hard on a pressure point and killed his combatant.
  • Physical Appearance: Brown hair that is kept cut short, blue eyes, solid and strong build, 6’ 1’’, well chiseled face.
  • Apparel: Wears long sleeves at all times with a simple black apprentice robe with arm wraps under the sleeves and a belt. Wears simple boots and leggings.


  • Medpack
    *Stim Packs


  • Light Blaster Pistol
    *Shock Gloves

Wyn Tarlson Backstory

*Wyn’s friends only know he is running from a crime syndicate…but is that only a part of Wyn’s secret past?

  • Mikey Edwic (Wyn Tarlson) was born on an unknown ship somewhere between Malastare and Chardaan.
  • His parents who are doctors moved from place to place, from job to job, never being able to find lasting employment from one area to the next. They become a part of a gypsy group, the Six Wings, that help each other out in their various fields of expertise. Coll Roysan acts as their handler in the Six Wings group. Their symbol is a red cross with black wings. While his parents traveled around there were a few of those years in Mikey’s (Wyn Tarlson) youth that another couple and their boy and girl traveled with them and formed a bond between them as his oldest friends. However, the two parents had to split apart when Mikey was only 11 years old. Later, Mikey was able to reconnect with his friends when he was traveling. The woman, Sayla Tredding, had become a traveling mechanic and the man, Bress Tredding, had become a trader and pilot. They traveled together and helped make ends meet between the two of them. They are all still a part of the Six Wings and feel obliged if anyone asks for help from them, especially if it is a request specifically for them.
  • Mikey’s parents often called upon the aid of the Six Wings when they were in need and help often came their way. There was even a time that they worked for a crime syndicate before a syndicate war broke out and they escaped with their lives. Other places his parents worked were Eriadu, ZeHeth, Exodeen, Tepasi, Bogden, Vurdon Ka, Alsakaan, Caamas, Taanab, Pengalan, Corsin, Ord Cestus, Rodia, Ojom, Drunkenwell, Gamor, Spirana, Pax, Celanon, various space stations and spaceships.
  • At the age of 16 (19 BBY) they finally found steady work on Anaxes working for nobles and retired Six Wing members and for 3 years they stayed there with their son. The longest they were ever in a place for one time was 5 months before this. Mikey (Wyn Tarlson) was getting restless by this time at the age of 19 (16 BBY) unlike his parents who only wished to settle down. They sent him off to medical school at the Lunis-Medix Medical Academy on Dzass IV near Sullust for three years where all of his learning by his parents helped him graduate early (22 years of age, 13 BBY).
  • During school Wyn Tarlson was still restless and would often come into class late or leave early while fidgeting and shifting in his chair the entire time. He could often be seen running and working out as if to expend his nervous energy. He made friends there nevertheless, many of whom went on to be very fine doctors. His friends and he were part of a group who, to test their skills at fighting and medicine and to blow off steam, fought against each other. While not exceptional at fighting, Mikey was proficient in his studies having many first-hand experiences helping out his parents while on their travels.
  • After school he joined explorer ships as a medic , his thirst for adventure and movement among the stars a necessity in his mind to keep himself and his parents safe. However, he is not an overly political person and the kindness taught him by his parents to heal the suffering of others (as well as having experienced all sorts of suffering himself) often overcomes his other desires. However, people he deems to be real threats to his friends will see no mercy and no healing. If a person has been exceptionally cruel he might even aid in their suffering. This comes from the many instances when his family was caught in turmoil and people his parents had known from before ruined the lives around them. Though his parents never talked about it, Mikey has a feeling that they had ties with criminal organizations that they had been running from this entire time. Partly from fear, and partly from the wish to protect himself and to get back at the people who caused both his family and the friends he made along the way in his travels, he trains himself in the street fighting techniques he learned from his father augmented by medical knowledge.
  • He serves with various exploring parties for 2 years but quits after he heard of how the Galactic Empire treats newly discovered civilizations and decides it is best if he doesn’t help the Empire find new planets and civilizations to ravage (24 years of age, 11 BBY). His level of dislike for the Empire grows and vows to refuse treatment to any agent of the Empire. He also greatly dislikes conflict and attempts at any cost to appease both sides so fighting does not occur.
  • He resorts to taking random jobs across the galaxy, however, in his travels, he begins to notice familiar people that he has seen both from childhood, and people that seem to be following him. He also avoids the Empire in his travels so he doesn’t get in trouble for not aiding the Empire. There was a time when an Imperial officer was injured and Mikey was to aid him so Mikey said he was going to go prepare but had to flee on an outgoing freighter. He only spends a year as a traveling doctor before he is captured by the RavinsBlud Crime Syndicate and brought back to Malastare (25 years of age, 10 BBY). There he was pressed for answers by a lower-ranking member in their ranks as to the whereabouts of his parents but all he would tell them was a lie that they were wandering doctors still. Since he couldn’t be forced to make contact with his parents, the official, Mung Yondor (Gran), made him a slave and put Mikey into his fight ring with the other slaves he forced to fight. At first, Mikey was beat up regularly while still having to do all the medical work on the other slaves and himself. Because he treated their wounds and took care of them, some of the slaves held back their attacks against him while he was in the ring so he was able to get a better grip on fighting. However, there were 2 fighters who didn’t give a rip if he treated their wounds or not. They wanted their freedom for fighting and they loathed Mikey for his popularity with the other slaves and later on, with the crowds. One was a Weequay, Sobda Ricks, who was nicknamed “Red Foot” because of the red footband he wore on his right foot that he used for his devastating kicks. The other was a human, Quin El, who was nicknamed “The Bull” for his vicious attacks that held nothing back. Mikey earned the name “Doc KO” for his mostly undamaging KO’s of his opponents and his well-known status as the doctor.
  • He was only a fighter and slave in that place for a year and a half before he and some of the weaker fighters escaped (26 years of age, 8 BBY). He ended up working on the run again and changed his name to Wyn Tarlson. For a time he was able to avoid detection by setting up a small clinic under the name “Dando Twilian” for 2 years but had to move on again when Quin El (now set free for his fighting) happened upon his clinic and found out who he was and burnt it to the ground on a whim. Quin El told the syndicate of his whereabouts because he wanted the money that would come from the information. So Tarlson had to move on again (28 years of age, 6 BBY).
  • For the next 6 years he continues to travel around the galaxy and after becoming 30 years of age he begins to want a place to settle down and rest from all of the running. Though he is sure his parents are greatly worried about him and miss him, he knows that he has taken the attention off of the Syndicate finding them onto himself. However, it is time to disappear and make the trail go cold. Throughout his travels he was often able to avoid getting caught because of a very good friend he made in the Syndicate. Markus Adrat was an official in the Syndicate below Mung Yondor that he had nurtured back to health after some fighting that happened against the Syndicate. Many of the slaves were forced to participate in the fighting and many died because they weren’t trained in weaponry. Markus Adrat often aided Tarlson in a variety of ways, whether it was information, equipment, job postings or opportunities.
  • After discussing his wish to disappear with his handler from the Six Wings, Coll Roysan, he received an invitation for a colonization effort where Tarlson could settle down in peace (32 years of age, 3 BBY).

Wyn Tarlson

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