Sobda Ricks

Weequay, RavinsBlud Hitman


*Sobda fought against and alongside Wyn Tarlson when they were in the fighting ring of RavinsBlud Crime Syndicate. Though Wyn Tarlson healed Sobda’s wounds from his battles, Sobda loathed Tarlson for his popularity among the other slaves and for his immunity from being killed in the ring and the fear that went with the risk. He now works for RavinsBlud as a hitman since he worked off his enslavement by winning 100 fights in the ring and fighting for 5 years.

*Though he dislikes Wyn Tarlson he is somewhat jealous of his fighting spirit and ability to lead others. Sobda spent his earlier years as a scavenger salvaging wrecks from old space junkyards or even “salvaging” from used starship lots. It was when Sobda was attempting to “salvage” some property of the RavinsBlud Crime Syndicate that he was captured and made a slave to fight in Mung Yondor’s fighting ring.



Sobda Ricks

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