Sayla Tredding

Human, Mechanic


Works as a mechanic with her brother Bress Tredding and is an old friend of Wyn Tarlson. Also a part of Six Wings group of traveling professionals just like her brother and she takes on many odd mechanics jobs in their travels.

Sayla Tredding’s parents worked for several years as emergency transportation specialists for Wyn Tarlson‘s parents when the Tarlsons were being pursued by the RavinsBlud Crime Syndicate. Before the Treddings themselves were killed when they created a diversion so the Tarlson’s could escape, they left their children in the Tarlson’s care. For a few years the Tarlson’s were able to take care of them but were soon forced to spend some of the value they had been saving up with the Six Wings to hand the Tredding kids over to a caretaker.

Though it was kept a secret from the Tredding kids that their parents had died protecting the Tarlsons, Sayla later pieced together some of the clues and she has surmised the truth. Though not even Wyn Tarlson knows the truth of this, Sayla still holds a bit of a grudge against him as if he had killed her parents, though she knows it wasn’t his fault. She hasn’t even told Bress Tredding what she knows happened to their parents. Bress Tredding still believes that his parents had to run for their lives to save them and they may still be somewhere in the galaxy trying to find their kids again.



Sayla Tredding

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