Mung Yondor

Gran, Nemesis, RavinsBlud Underboss

  • A ruthless servant for the RavinsBlud Crime Syndicate, Mung Yondor is responsible for countless crimes. He is the one responsible for ceaselessly hunting down Wyn Tarlson’s parents and now Wyn Tarlson himself, killing, torturing and capturing any friends of the Edwic (Tarlson) family as he can to get to them.
  • The Edwics worked directly for Mung Yondor but left when a cross-syndicate war started raging and they fled for their lives. In 32 BBY Jango Fett succeeded in killing and collecting the bounty on two of the member’s heads and the blame for this was put on the Edwics who had fled years before. They were now deemed as a security leak and dangerous for what they knew of the Syndicate. Some, hating the idea of a chase across the stars, simply relocated many of their operations and changed their alias. However, it was expected of Mung Yondor for him to clean up the mess because they had been under his command. So Mung Yondor chased the Edwics across the stars barely giving them time to rest before striking out at the friends they made and forcing them to flee again for their lives. He placed a 10,000 credit bounty on their heads dead. No reward if alive.
    *His view of the Edwics is one of great annoyance, he has spent too many resources trying to tie up the loose end after all of these years. In fact, his status in the RavinsBlud has greatly diminished because of his inability to kill the Edwics. He is now, unofficially, in charge of tying up all of RavinsBlud loose ends. This includes internal security, which makes him a frightening figure despite his lowered status.

*Flame Thrower
*Flame Grenades

*Captures people only if it serves to kill a bigger target. Then kills the bait.
*Killer (doesn’t torture)


Mung Yondor

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