Everybody Runs - A Colonial Edge of the Empire Campaign

The Long Ride Home

(Where the Greatest Distance from A to B is a Straight Line)


Last time on Everybody Runs:

Finn: “She loves me, she loves me not…”

Gargo: “It’s a lemon! Gimme a discount.”

Maximus: zapzapzapzap “Ain’t your lucky day, punk.”

Today’s Episode

Having saddled up Sorcerer with everything their meagre wallets could support, the posse set out for their home-sweet-home on the range (Roga and Eein in tow). However, having been told by their chief ranch-hand that bandits would occasionally camp out on the bridge, the group approached with caution. Observing from afar, the group spotted a dire “delicate” situation: three armed beings were standing guard over three figures kneeling at the bridge entrance with hoods draped over their heads. Memphis surmised that they were about to stumble into a pin the tail on the tauntaun hostage situation.

The posse surveyed the situation. On the other side of the bridge was a small village; sitting atop a hill on the village were two other beings. One held a long-range weapon of some kind, the other had a blaster aimed at the head of another hostage.

The group formulated a mad plan: Roga gave Gargo and Finn a ride around the river to the other side of the village; everyone else (including Eein) piled into the back of Sorcerer with the intent of having Bonda draw up near the bridge guards to taken them by surprise.

However, as Sorcerer got closer to the bridge, a voice crackled over the posse’s comms.

Marshal Memphis Tyrain?” it said.

“Go ahead,” Memphis responded.

“You are required to hand over the escapee Finn Amersu, or we will open fire. You have five seconds to comply.”

In a crunch, the group agreed to hand him over (despite the fact that he was actually across the river). They drew nearer and were commanded to halt. As a desperate attempt to stall for time, Memphis hopped out and tried to lure the enemies closer. They didn’t buy his act. Then, that’s when Wyn decided to jump into the mix. He accomplished this in a three-part process.

Step 1: He shot up more drugs than a pre-concert space rock star getting on his backstage-blitzkrieg.

Step 2: He stumbled out of the truck stark-raving mad and trippin’ mad ballz.

Step 3: He attempted to stall for more time by insinuating that Memphis was stalling for more time.

At this point, a green flash (originating from the far hilltop in the village across the bridge) blinked into view. Memphis had just enough time to dive behind Sorcerer’s hood, but the wave of energy rolled over the top of it and singed his left shoulder. By “singed” I mean “instantly crippled.”

Fortunately, Memphis had enough luck concentration to pop out and take down one of the nearby enemies that had been guarding the bridge. Eein followed suit, destroying the second of the three guards. And Wyn… Well, he… What he did is hard to describe.

Keep in mind that Wyn is “altered-stated” out of his mind and is now anger-level 9000 because one of the posse had just been severely wounded on his watch.

The remaining goon opened fire at Wyn. The good doctor, in turn, literally took no notice, taking the blaster bolt in stride like a playful zephyr during a walk in the space springtime. Next, he roid-raged the crap out of the remaining mook.

“At least, he’s…. ‘alive,’ ” he said, panting and wiping off some of the other guy’s blood after the beating was complete.

Backtracking a little bit, we now turn our attention to the Wild Maximus in his natural habitat: far away and with a gun leveled at sombody’s head. You see, when I said that most everybody else was in the back of Sorcerer, I lied. Maximus had stayed behind on a hilltop using the SKZ Sporting Blaster. He had managed to take out the minor goon on the hilltop, and had took a chunk out of the opposing sniper.

Now, changing the scene once again to hop over to Gargo and Finn, we can see that they managed to get the drop on the two baddies. After Maximus had taken out the baddie who was guarding the hostage, Gargo utilized their superior positioning to drop a grenade into the sniper’s back pocket. Needless to say, all that was left of that fellow was his boots and the disruptor rifle he’d been using.

Afterwards, the village elder donated some food to the posse as a gesture of gratitude.
And, finally, the posse made it the long ride home and arrived at Bluesun Ranch.



The Long Ride Home

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