Everybody Runs - A Colonial Edge of the Empire Campaign

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

(Home, Home on the Large Field-like Plains)


Last time, on Everybody Runs:

Finn: “My past won’t catch up with me here. I mean, what are the odds?”

Wyn: “Anybody else wanna negotiate with mah beatin’ stick?!”


Today’s Episode

Finally, after many tears, pain, and one nasty showdown, the posse arrived at the ranch. Memphis received first aid, and then promptly when to bed. The rest of the posse followed suit shortly thereafter.

It was the beginning of a scary story sterotype that night. By that, I mean it was a dark and stormy night. The sound dampeners kept the noise down, and the party slept soundly. However, even over the work of the dampeners, there came a rapping at the ranch’s back door.

Gargo and Finn were the only ones who heard the sound. Curious, they answered the back door. There, standing in the rain, was a drenched man wearing a long coat and wide hat.

“Oh, zank goodness—I’ve been knocking for quite some time and was getting tired,” he said.

“Umm… What’s your name?” they asked.

“”/characters/robin-williams-homage" class=“wiki-content-link”>Hennik," he replied, rather placidly.

“And, how did you get here?” they asked.

“I walked,” he replied.

Stunned, and a bit too tired to think it through clearly, the two decided, “A complete stranger visiting in the middle of the night? Probably a decent guy—sure he can stay the night.”

The rest of the group expressed their concern about letting in a visitor unannounced, but the collective worries of the group were eased when Hennik brought in a delicious breakfast.

And thus, the group acquired a cook.

Needing something to do (and a way to feed themselves in the foreseeable future), the group went off to hunt. They located some of the local game birds and decided to hunt it. All things considered, the hunt went well, and they ended up with some food supplies. However, they also discovered that the birds had short, stubby spines hidden beneath their feathers.

Later on, the group also visited Ho’ak village to learn from the locals the ways of agriculture on the planet.

Nothing much else happened that morning; it was a peaceful beginning to a troubled day.



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