Rando Hesht

Corellian Freighter Pilot


Gender: Male
Age: 32
Height: 6’2"
Build: Athletic
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Notable Features:

Armor: Heavy clothing
Weapons: SE-14r light repeating blaster pistol
Ship: Modified YT-1760 Small Transport (Rando Hesht), Indigo Daughter [High Output Ion Turbine; ECMS;]


I couldn’t believe what I was seein’…and I wouldn’t put up with it anymore.

A native of Corellia, Rando Hesht was born to rural land barons out beyond the limits of Coronet city in 35 BBY. Hesht, like most Corellians, craved adventure, novelty, and risk. He ambitiously sent an application into the Rengali Imperial Naval Academy, and was accepted.

Though the physical and mental rigors of training he could endure, the politics and back-biting he could not. Hesht quickly came to resent the constant power-plays and focus on rank attainment that poisoned the Imperial Academies. He himself was held back by his superiors as they saw him as little more than a semi-competent bumpkin who had no place in the command structure of the Imperial Navy.

Hesht never made it past the rank of lieutenant. He was eventually made pilot of a Sentinel-class shuttle called Artellus. Assigned to drop entire platoons of stormtroopers into the heat of battle, Hesht saw far more action and violence than he had ever previously imagined.

By 8 BBY, the nature of the work began to wear on Hesht. A thoroughly communal individual (a trait the Academy had never managed to scourge from him), the impersonality of the stormtroopers and his shuttle command team greatly frustrated him. After one particularly gruesome mission, Hesht was ordered to retrieve a fireteam of troopers who had just gunned down the civilian defenders of an Outer Rim colony. Hesht not only refused, but turned his gun on the three other officers on the command deck, stunning each of them in turn. Having so neutralized his on-board opposition, Hesht, thanks in part to his expertise as a pilot and partially to sheer luck, evaded the Star Destroyer that had shuttled the battle group to its fell objective. Priming his hyperdrive, he jumped away, never to be seen again by the Empire.

Five years later, Hesht is unrecognizable from the clean-cut soldier he once was. He sports a roguish goatee, a thick mane of black hair, skin tanned under a hundred different suns, and a ragged spacer’s coat. The only vestige of his old life he retains is his trusty Navy-issue pistol, which he considers “too good to give up.” Having ditched his old shuttle, he now flies an old, beat up YT-1760 named Indigo Daughter privately, taking on work as a freight and passenger hauler.

Rando Hesht has avoided fighting, violence, and even common mischief for the better part of five years. After so long, however, his Corellian blood has begun to boil and he once again has begun to crave adventure. Though his stolid, carelessly nonchalant demeanor don’t betray his feelings, he has thus far thoroughly enjoyed his interactions with the new owners of the Bluesun Ranch. He fully intends to pursue a more meaningful professional relation with them in hopes of finding some new meaning.

Rando Hesht

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