Quin El

Human, Thug, Sociopath


Quin El was the primary and one of the most popular fighters in the RavinsBlud Crime Syndicate. He killed many slaves brought in to fight in the ring and was so violent and ruthless that even the RavinsBlud didn’t want any part of him once they set him free. They were willing to hire him for odd killing or destruction jobs but limited their interaction with him. Quin’s relationship with Wyn Tarlson while they were slaves together was one of loathing. Quin delightedly wallowed in the sufferings of others and injured his opponents so they would die slow and painful deaths. But this changed with the coming of Wyn Tarlson. When Wyn Tarlson became the doctor for the slaves the number of deaths caused by Quin dropped greatly and his fun was ruined as Wyn Tarlson assuaged his opponent’s wounds and healed them. Wyn Tarlson, likewise, loathed Quin since he experienced Quin’s work fixing up his opponents and later on, when Quin and he fought. However, Tarlson was protected from too much suffering or death because Yondor wanted to keep him for the information Tarlson held on his parents and because Tarlson kept good care of his fighters. For this, Quin despised Wyn Tarlson all the more.


  • Sociopath
  • Ruthless
  • Immoral
  • Reckless
  • Twisted

Quin El

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