Memphis Tyrain

Scarred, hardline adherent of Rim Law


Has a tendency to squint at people

“Of all the places of all the planets of all the edges of the new frontier, why is it I’m STILL not surprised to see you here?”


Origins and Youth

Like many Duros, Memphis spent a lot of time in space. The particular collection of decks, hallways, and crime that he called home was Jyvus Space City (#989 on the Far Away galactic Scum and Villainy Location Index [SVLI]). All things considered it was not a bad place. It was not the smallest of the three great Durosian space cities, and it had a HAPPENING jazz scene. Bith from all over would travel to get a chance at—oh. Sorry about that. Back to the origin story.

Memphis Tyrain joined Jyv-Sec pretty early on, obtaining a security license at the age of 17. Granted, he was only allowed to do clerical work until he turned 19, but he was dutiful in his tasks. When he was finally allowed to take a more active role in Jyv-Sec, he found himself at the top of the rosters. Few showed his enthusiasm for the work. He longed to use his position to create a place that was safe for his fellow beings—a place where justice prevailed. Or, failing that, he wanted to at least bump Jyvus down to #990 on the SVLI.

While he disdained criminals of all kinds, he was particularly vicious in his prosecution of ship thieves. Himself a Duros, he felt a natural affinity for the stars and could not imagine any circumstance that would justify depriving an innocent being of his or her ability to traverse the void. Having grown up on a space station, where one’s ship was often one’s livelihood, he held additional disdain for those who would callously disregard another sentient being for something as transient as the need for a ship.

One incident, in particular, will remain forever fixed within his memory. He had been chasing a common lowlife through the halls of Jyvus—just a nobody human named that had taken somebody’s credits—when the guy (Garen Fosgreen) jacked some poor trader’s ship. Garen wasn’t much of a pilot, and he crashed it before he could make any jump to hyperspace, and before Jyv-Sec forces could disable the crash. The trader was alright, but the loss of the ship completely wrecked the business he had only started growing.

Memphis got a second shot at taking Garen down. Just before crashing, he had ejected and been picked up by some associates of his. Ever the creature of habit, he returned to Jyvus. This time, Memphis took him down before he could get away: he walked up behind Garen while he was bragging about his stunt to some disinterested Twi’lek females in a cantina and shot him point blank. Granted, the blaster was on stun, but shooting in a public space earned him an official reprimand. However, Memphis had managed to make the arrest just on the cusp of his 20th birthday, making him the youngest Duros within the past century to have made a collar.

However, his success amongst his peers led to arrogance and a brash, confrontational attitude towards criminals, and he soon found himself in over his head. At the age of 27, Memphis got caught up in a case involving a Devaronian smuggler named Gwan Hecate (not listed on the galactic Scum and Villainy Persons Index [SVPI] but still not a nice person). Memphis had caught wind of his operation and put not a few of the smuggler’s contacts behind bars. (Well, energy fields, but you get the drift.) However, the final straw for Hecate came when Memphis took down Dosara Gohta—a Klatooinian trader that Hecate used as a fence.

Taking down the trader was not what offended Hecate. Memphis’ four-minute mockery of Hecate, including not-so-subtle references to the “questionable legitimacy of a certain devaronian’s birth,” infuriated him. Thus motivated, Hecate began his own subversive campaign against the young Duros officer.

In the year that followed, Memphis made fewer collars and his sources became unreliable. He also found himself the target of investigation. Allegedly, he’d been accepting bribes. Not-so-allegedly, Memphis knew that Hecate had pulled some strings to get him indicted. However, Memphis played along: publicly, he presented himself as dejected, wronged, and stalled. In private, however, he continued his investigations and forged new contacts.

In time, Memphis built what he though was an airtight case against Hecate. Submitting it to the appropriate authorities, the indictment against Memphis was lifted and Hecate was arrested. Unfortunately, the devaronian had a brilliant toydarian lawyer, and was allowed to walk based on a technicality. Memphis still remembers the smug grin the louse had on his face as he walked out of the courtroom, whispering to Memphis as he passed by, “Better luck next time, nerf-herder.”

Rimward Bound

Disillusioned with the Jyvus justice system and officers he had called family for over a decade, with nothing truly left at Jyvus, Memphis looked for an opportunity to fulfill his need to create a place that was safe for others. He bounced around core worlds from age 29-33, trading one security gig for another. He spent time as a deputy marshal and found what felt like the right fit for him.

He apprenticed under his marshal (a trandoshan named Sook Kalhax) through four years of being tossed completely unprepared into situations he had no right to be in “training.” Afterwards, he spent five years working in another space station. Now, he’s looking for a change of scenery and a place where the limits of law would not let the unjust go unpunished. As fortune would have it, he caught an ad calling for lawmen to come and assist the settlement of a planet called Xibalba…

Memphis Tyrain

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