Markus Adrat

Human, Infochant


Markus was saved by Wyn Tarlson when there was a series of battles that took place against the RavinsBlud Crime Syndicate. He now warns Tarlson, if possible, of the movements of the RavinsBlud and aids Wyn Tarlson in any way he can without compromising his position as an official serving Mung Yondor. He has often helped Wyn Tarlson acquire equipment, jobs and other opportunities.

Markus was “hired” as an orphan boy by the RavinsBlud and trained to be both an accountant and secretary, as well as a ranged assassin. Though the RavinsBlud gave him a roof over his head and food and clothing, Markus has enough sense to know they didn’t save him out of charity. He is simply to be used and manipulated and if he were to resist, he is sure he would be treated as a slave instead of as “one of them.” Though he does not hate RavinsBlud, he prefers not to make waves and only secretly uses his position to help others when the risk is low or he greatly owes a favor.


  • Dutiful
  • Pencil-Pusher
  • Sniper
  • Reserved
  • Cautious

Markus Adrat

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