Kain Ma'kalo

Zygerrian Slaver


Gender: Male
Age: 53
Height: 6’6"
Build: Powerfully Athletic
Hair: Light brown and grey
Eyes: Dark green
Notable Features:
Skin disease scarring
Hard, piercing gaze

Armor: Heavy Clothing
Weapons: Zygerrian Shockwhip, Master-crafted Vibrosword


I once heard an old Jedi say, “you can kill me but you’ll never destroy me.” I made it my business to prove people like him wrong.

Ever since the genesis of the Galactic Empire and the Tarkin Doctrine, the business of slavery has swollen and seen a bountiful resurgence in the last decade. Such cultures that monopolized slavery rode the back of the new wave. The Zygerrian Slave Empire was among them, surging again to the forefront of the galactic slave market.

Ma’kalo was a slaver before, during, and after the Clone Wars. It’s been his business for decades to break and maintain slave populations. He is currently part of Tuuvo the Vile’s personal retinue and his lead slave-driver. He is attended by his own entourage of a dozen younger Zygerrian underlings, each of whom he has personally trained to be as adept a slave-breaker as he.

Kain Ma'kalo

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