Roga Daelo

Gungan Rancher


Armor: Beasthide armor
Weapons: Blaster pistol


Roga Daelo, a born-and-raised Naboo Gungan, was brought up caring for a teeming menagerie of pets. Naboo, being one of the most diversely populated planets in the galaxy in terms of fauna, was and is the center for animal exports. Hoping to escape Imperial xenophobia, Roga took to the stars, taking with him all the knowledge of decades of beast wrangling and some of his favorite pets.

Roga is almost always attended by his pet blarth, Gwee. Gwee is his pride, joy, and constant companion. Daelo also enjoys the presence of two tookas named Bomber and Freighter who can often be seen clinging for dear life to Gwee’s back as the rotund blarth frolics dangerously through the plains of Xibalba. Last, but certainly not least, is Roga’s zalaaca mount, Riverlord. A fierce beast, Riverlord is even more the pride of Roga’s pets than Gwee, but certainly not a joy or a companion. He is an exactingly functional tool as a means of transport and a deadly fighter when aggravated. He is strictly loyal to Daelo alone and even that loyalty does not manifest itself in a gentle manner. Riverlord is a crafty creature and will not serve any other master than he who tamed him in the wilds of Naboo so many years ago.

Roga can be found tending to the player’s ranch as their chief stablemaster. He is taciturn and rough, but does great work with animals if not with sentients. He is as loyal to masters who treat him with the respect he deserves as his pets are to him and will protect the player’s lives and interests if need be.

Roga Daelo

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