Coll Roysan

Contact, Six Wings Manager, Mrlssi

  • Coll Roysan acts as a manager for the Six Wings traveling professionals group. He is an older Mrlssi who doesn’t take bull from anyone and delights in the telling of the stories of the Six Wings members he has handled and loves stories to be told to him too. He always works over the holo-net, never leaving his home planet but likes to deal with the different people around the galaxy. Though older, his memory is sharp and he will remember any details from past encounters. He loves to crack highly intellectual jokes, all of which he finds hysterically funny but only others from his species would ever understand.



  • The Six Wings group goal is to support professionals and specialists who are having rocky times and are unable to survive by themselves and have needs that they themselves cannot acquire. No matter the reason, if the client suddenly needs another job, protection, money, (to reasonable degrees) or transportation, ect, this group can hook a group member up with the essentials, no more. The Six Wings group is essentially a loose organization that uses its wide amount of people to provide services for its members. When members aid other members, their group contribution value rises. As a member’s contribution level rises, they can ask for and receive greater resources available to the Six Wings. They can exceed their value and go negative but they must “pay” the difference back at the soonest chance they have. This can be rather easy since the Six Wings often relocate.
  • In the case of the Edwic family, their value is rather high since they are currently working for several retired Six Wing members. However, they use little of their value and have transferred some of it into their son’s (Wyn Tarlson) name to help him in his travels. Much of this he has used up, however, and does not want to be delayed by having to work off a deficit with the Six Wings.

Coll Roysan

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