Chon Harro

Mon Calamari Ranch Hand


Armor: Heavy clothing
Weapons: Holdout Blaster



A former prospect miner in one of Xibalba’s many privately operated shafts, Chon Harro was forcibly retired after a cave-in gave him a severe spinal injury. Shortly after the collapse, his life was saved once by Wyn Tarlson who not only stabilized Harro, but performed invasive surgery to repair a ruptured vertebra in the Mon Calamari’s spinal column.

The procedure was a complete success in regards to the recovery of Harro’s mobility. However, if he ever sustains significant injury in that location again, the shock could kill him. Realizing this, Tarlson offered him the opportunity of working, for a time, at the Bluesun Ranch as a field hand. Though the work is strenuous and still mildly dangerous, it is more to Harro’s liking than mining ever was.

Chon Harro

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