Everybody Runs - A Colonial Edge of the Empire Campaign

All's Quiet on the Mining Front

(Except for the Screaming)

When we last left our group of intrepid travelers, they had just gotten tangled up in a bit of nasty business involving smugglers, gambling, and a half-torn coupon for free death sticks. By this I mean that the bulk of the party was away adventuring on Coruscant, while Memphis was busy making his way towards the plot (having stopped at a space station to pick up a pack of death sticks). Now, the group find themselves together on a planet with no way off except by the “gracious,” grubby hand of a local Hutt.

This particular piece of slug-butt is called “Bargos.” He recently acquired a little oridium mining operation in a sabbac game. However, he needs a few desperate brave adventurers to go and collect his cut of the profits (which comes out to the tune of 100,000 credits). It’s located on the planet Gavos II, which is a bit too core-ward for Bargos’ taste. And, with no other way to get to Corellia in time to catch the caravan headed to Xibalba, the colonists-to-be join hands with the low-class crimelord (and quickly wipe down with a sonic shower afterwards).

However, this relatively simple-sounding shakedown gets complicated. Soon after the party posse arrives at Gavos II (a planet, by the way, with a toxi-caustic atmosphere made mostly of poison, hate, and Nick-at-Nite reruns), they find dead people. The bodies of four miners: three brothers plus a friend. No evidence.

The posse relied on the cunning of their Twi’lek trader to interpret what little could be found, at the great expense of the poor creature’s state of mind. Needless to say, this mental toll only grew throughout their time in the Oridelve Mining complex. The sight of a trandoshan… folded in half… backward… Well, let’s just say that’s an image that the Xibalba-bound spacers won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

Mystery piled atop enigma with a topping of uncertainty and a side of strange. The only miners they could find were dead. The only somewhat intelligent entities they found were an administrator droid and a foul-mouthed astromech droid. Things were looking grim. And confusing. Things were grimfusing. Then, the posse began to fear for their own lives: the shield wall was being sabotaged.

As mentioned before, the atmosphere of Gavos II is toxi-caustic. As not mentioned before, the planet also exhibited Dune-scale storms that were only mitigated to a level of “not completely deadly to all things not made of rock” by a ring of shield generators—a ring that was growing weaker as an unknown entity destroyed the generators, one by one.

As fortune, fate, or deus ex machina would have it, there was an unmanned (and lightly armed) freighter in port. The posse was able to pilot the craft through the storm winds and shoot down the mysterious foe, allowing them to return to the mining complex.

With the clock no longer counting down to their demise, they pressed further into the complex, where they found a large group of droids walling off a tunnel at the behest of an overseer droid. Upon polite inquiry questioning, the overseer recounted a tale of gamorrean pirates that had assaulted the facility. The droid said the facility’s droid population had feigned deactivation while they passed by, pursuing the miners into the shaft.

The posse rode into the mine, where they finally met their first living being since arriving at the oridium mining operation. The miners also confirmed the posse’s suspicions: there were no gamorrean pirates. It was the droids that had gone rogue, shooting miners and sabotaging the shield wall.

Also, at this point, it is worth mentioning that the administrator droid, whom the posse had dragged along, got totally obliterated by the miners upon sight (apparently, the droid had shot one of their co-workers in the back).

Having found the miners (and, more importantly, the actual overseer of the Oridelve Mining operation who had the passcode to the floor safe strongbox), the posse banded together to form a counter-offensive.

One detonite explosion, one giant metal backhand, and many blaster bolts later, the overseer droid (as well as his foul-mouthed astromech henchman) was destroyed by the thunderous explosion of a well-placed anti-armor grenade. All that was left of the villainous duo was the astromech’s head (which would totally make for a great mantle decoration and conversation piece), and the faint smell of sullied oil.

With the devious overseer destroyed, the remaining droids returned to their normal operating capacity and the miners were able to resume control of the facility. Initially, the old man in charge of the outfit assessed their damages and expenses in excess of 60,000 credits. However, the posse once again relied on the wit of their resident Twi’lek trader. This wolf-merchant in sheep’s clothing proceeded to walk them through a space Dave Ramsey money makeover, demonstrating their true costs to only be around 20,000 credits. This money magic left the miners with a little extra, once Bargos’ cut had been taken out.

Having saved the day, solved a mystery, and been all-around awesome in general, the posse delivered the money and finally resumed their trek towards Xibalba.

Tune in next time!

GM Edit: For clarity’s sake, the “posse” was stuck on Teth after the colonial convoy that had left from Corellia failed to show up at the appointed destination. Thus marooned on aforementioned cesspit, the players found themselves temporarily allied with Bargos in exchange for a small sum of credits and passage to their ultimate destination: Xibalba.



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