A Galaxy in Ruin

“There hasn’t been a full-scale war since the founding of the Republic.” – Sio Bibble

See, here’s the thing about violence…not that I know much about it, seein’s how I try to avoid it as much as possible, but here’s the thing about it: violence builds up. Always has, always will. The Republic did fine, and for a long while, too! A thousand years of “peace.” Quite a record…and then three years of war so bloody that everyone forgot what the Republic had done. To my mind, a thousand years of little, spread out conflicts seems a whole lot less distressin’ than one, big, unbelievably messy and violent one that leaves entire star systems desolated…

Some people, ‘cludin’ me, are frankly astounded that the Republic didn’t tear itself apart sooner! A millennium of slowly eating away at itself like a disease…it’s a shame, too. The Republic did a lot of good things for a lot of good people. Though I ’spose it had its share of misdeeds and atrocities.


But at least the Old Republic had some sense of kriffing balance about it! Rights to correct wrongs, wrongs to make the rights seem valuable. I hope none of you mind me sayin’, but the Empire is just bad news all the time. You hear there’s even talk of the Emperor disbanding the Senate? Ever since they conquered the Outer Rim, nothing’s been the same. Used to be the Republic was like a charity! You could expect their representatives, soldiers, and even kriffing aid-workers to be out on the frontier, helpin’ people and solvin’ problems! And when they were done, they would usually leave. The Empire is like a Gundark in heat: you always hear ‘em comin’ and it never ends well for anyone in a 100 kilometer radius. Don’t think they’ve ever helped nobody, they just exploit. They take, they suppress, and they “commandeer,” but they never give a blarth’s lick back…unless you count garrisons of stormtroopers.

Things out there have begun to look pretty bleak, my friends…if you’re not in Imperial territory, you’re up to your neck in Hutt-slime or rolling in credits in the Corporate Sector. Even there, nothing’s safe. Nobody’s free and there’s always a bigger fish to gobble up us minnows. Slavery, poverty, corruption deeper than a Sarlacc’s gullet, overmining, deforestation, and Tarkin’s favorite: genocide. Everyone’s a’runnin’ away, but don’t got many places to go!

Only free places these days are way out in Wild Space; the uncharted places way out beyond the Rim. I ‘spose that’s where we’re goin’…Yeah, colonialism’s been boomin’ as folks try and get away from the chaos. Even the darkest, most hostile world is a fairer, more appealing place than Corusca-…Oh, pardon me, “Imperial Center” is. There, on the frontier, at least your wits, your hard work, and your ideals mean somethin’. Back in “civilization,” they mean less than a Hutt-fart. No matter the money we little people got, the muscles, or the mind, someone will, at some point, find you, everyone, and everything you hold dear, and quash it beneath a boot. Don’t matter the size, shape, or whose foot’s in it, just matters that that’s a fact of life now…and folks can’t handle it.

I can only assume that’s your motivation for going to Xibalba…so tell me, friends. What’re y’all runnin’ from?


Everybody Runs - A Colonial Edge of the Empire Campaign

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